How Women Benefit from Cataract Surgery

Woman receives eye exam Cataract surgery does not only restore your vision, it can actually help you live longer! And women may especially benefit from cataract surgery.

Hormonal Imbalance Affects Cataract Development

Women are more prone to developing cataracts. This is believed to be due to decrease in estrogen levels after menopause. Studies suggest that post-menopausal estrogen therapy can the reduce risk of cataracts in women.

Cataract Surgery Boosts a Woman’s Life Expectancy

Cataract surgery is among the safest and most common operations performed in the United States. About one in six Americans has a developing cataract by the age of 40, and this risk jumps to one in two by the age of 70. Last year, over four million Americans had cataract surgery.

A study that examined data from almost 75,000 women with cataracts, ages 65 and older was recently published in JAMA Ophthalmology. In the study, women who had cataract surgery lowered their risk of dying from specific causes by 60 percent. These causes included cancer as well as pulmonary, accidental, neurologic, infectious, and vascular diseases (CBS News).

Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can keep patients safer and more agile. It allows for greater independence and higher quality of life. With restored vision, people are more likely to:

  • Exercise
  • Attend doctor appointments
  • Keep driving, especially at night
  • Stay active in the community
  • Maintain relationships with family and friends
  • Avoid dangerous falls including hip fractures
  • Take all prescribed medication

Schedule an Eye Exam

May is Women’s Health Month, so make your eye health a priority. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam with dilation. You’ll receive a full evaluation of your vision health and be screened for eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

While you’re at it, make an appointment for your mom, sister or friend in honor of Women’s Health Month. This way, you can all enjoy many more years of clear vision together. Click here to be connected with one of our board-certified ophthalmologists and see if cataract surgery is right for you!

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