When Was Your Last Eye Exam?

eye examRegular eye exams are important for detecting diseases and conditions early. If caught early, issues can be treated much more successfully, helping to prolong your vision health.

You should schedule an eye exam annually if you wear corrective lenses.   The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that every adult have a baseline eye exam by the age of 40.  Appointments should also be scheduled if you’re suffering from any type of eye discomfort, such as dry eyes or specks in your vision. Age, family health history, and personal vision issues are all factors in determining how frequently you need an eye exam.

Make sure to specifically note any vision problems or eye discomforts you may be having when you call to make your appointment. Write down any questions you have for your eye doctor, and bring that to your visit along with a list of any medications you may be taking.

Even if your vision problem seems small, it could be an indicator of a bigger issue. Schedule an eye exam with your physician to learn more and maintain your vision for the long haul.

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