Vegetarians May Have Lower Risk of Cataracts


Could your hamburger be contributing to your blurred vision? A study from England’s University of Oxford suggests there may be a correlation.

Researchers at the University pulled data from a previous study in which participants recorded their diet over a 7-year span. Around a decade later, they were all checked for cataracts. The participants were split up into six group levels based on the amount of meat they consumed and then compared with the cataract data.

Interestingly enough, the less meat people consumed, the less likely they were to develop cataracts. Vegans had the highest decrease in risk of cataracts at 40 percent, while vegetarians came close behind at 30 percent. Mid-range meat eaters only showed a startlingly low decrease of 4 percent.

Although smoking, sunlight exposure and other contributors have been shown to increase cataract risk, meat consumption is a viable link as well. If you are concerned about preserving your eye health, cutting back on meat may be worth considering.

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