The Glaucoma Clinic of the Future May Be Possible

The Glaucoma Clinic of the Future May Be PossibleImagine a glaucoma clinic of the future where all patients have a hand-held device to monitor their own intraocular pressure and photograph their own optic discs. What if you were able to take a photo of your optic nerve?

This idea may become a reality in our generation. Glaucoma patients may soon benefit from wearable technology. Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology, and this innovative method may extend to glaucoma treatment.

With the help of mobile devices and software applications, you could measure your own visual field with surprising accuracy. What’s even more exciting is that you could use virtual reality to measure your visual field. The technology being tested involves a smartphone being plugged into HIPAA-compliant Bluetooth-enabled goggles which runs visual field perimetry software. The resulting data is then transferred to a data repository.

Using the visual fields data and computer artificial intelligence to follow a patient’s progression, it is possible to do most glaucoma monitoring digitally without the need to go to a doctor’s office for each visit. Patients who have advanced glaucoma may still need to be seen by their eye care professional, but patients with mild glaucoma may benefit greatly from this new method of digital care.

Make an appointment to talk to your ophthalmologist about new treatment methods for your glaucoma. There may be exciting possibilities that you had never considered. If you would like to find a licensed, qualified eye care professional in your local area, try our physician locator tool (Source: Healio).


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