Phyllis Sperling Sees Clearer, Brighter Colors (It’s a Whole New World)

Phyllis Sperling had worn glasses or contacts since she was 7-years-old for extreme farsightedness. “I was one of those people who had to feel around for their glasses when they got out of bed,” she explained.

Phyllis was having some trouble driving at night, and decided to get an eye exam. Her long-time ophthalmologist had retired, so she asked friends for referrals. Two of her friends had had cataract surgery at Minneapolis Eye Center, so she decided to make an appointment.

She was told she needed cataract surgery immediately. She wishes she’d done it earlier.

“The process was so easy,” she said. “And recovery time is nothing…you just have to use the drops for a month.” With her intraocular lens implant, Phyllis now has 20/30 vision. “It would be 20/20 except for my astigmatism,” she noted.

“This is the first time in 72 years I haven’t had to put on contacts or glasses in the morning just to make my coffee,” she said. “Colors are so much clearer and brighter…it’s a whole new world!”

While Phyllis gets used to her new-found vision, others are benefiting. “I donated eight pairs of prescription glasses to the Lions and I was glad to do it.”