Dianna McCurnin No Longer Wears Glasses, Not Even Reading

Dianna McCurnin had cataracts in both eyes and needed surgery. When her doctor at Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana presented her with her options for intraocular lenses (IOLs), she didn’t hesitate.

“I didn’t want to fool with glasses anymore, so I decided to pay extra and get the multifocal lenses,” said Dianna. “And I’m so happy I did.”

The multifocal IOLs corrected both her severe nearsightedness and the age-related presbyopia, or farsightedness, which had prevented her from seeing things up close. “Now I don’t even have to wear readers!” she said.

But Dianna’s story didn’t end there. She cares for her sister, Pat, who lives with Dianna and her husband. Pat had had astigmatism all her life. And she too had cataracts in both eyes that needed to be removed. When she saw how easy Dianna’s surgery and recovery had been Pat didn’t need much convincing to have the surgery herself.

“We went ahead and got her the Toric lenses,” said Dianna. “I was so thrilled with my results. And with Pat’s astigmatism, it seemed like the right choice. She had never been able to see very well and the cataracts had made it worse.”

Having her cataracts removed and her astigmatism corrected not only changed Pat’s vision – it has changed her life.

Dianna: “One day right after Pat had recovered from the surgery she and I were sitting outside. I noticed she was looking around then she grinned and said, ‘Dianna, I can see the leaves on the tree! I couldn’t see that before…it was all just a blur!’”