Debbie Gallois Corrected Deteriorating Vision

Debbie Gallois had been a nurse at the Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana for 17 years – assisting every day with cataract surgery – when she decided to have the surgery herself. Her surgeon was one of the ophthalmologists she regularly assists in post-op. “It makes a big difference who does your cataract surgery,” she said. “You need to really feel comfortable with the doctor. At the center, we do nothing all day but surgery, so our surgeons have a lot of experience.” Debbie’s vision has been poor most of her life. But when her night vision began deteriorating and she had “maxed out” on her near vision correction, she decided it was time to have her cataracts removed. She opted for multi-focal intraocular lenses to correct both her near- and far-sightedness. “Now I don’t have to put glasses on first thing in the morning, and I can wear sunglasses,” she explained. “I do a lot of paperwork in my job, and it’s so much easier to read. I can even thread a needle!” Even though she sees cataract surgery performed every day, Debbie was surprised at how smoothly her surgery went. “I was looking for confusion,” she admitted. “The process was so seamless.” “Now that I’ve had this done, I can answer patients’ questions and concerns based on my own experience.”