Start 2018 with a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Man getting eye exam

There is nothing like a fresh calendar to symbolize a new year and a new beginning. Those crisp, clean pages without marks or creases just beckon us to make a new start! Begin 2018 with a clear view by making an appointment for a full comprehensive eye exam with dilation.

Healthy eyesight is necessary for any goal or resolution, no matter how practical or lofty. It is also important for those everyday activities you may take for granted such as driving, reading, housekeeping and hobbies.

While you may currently feel that your vision is clear enough, changes in vision often happen gradually and are sometimes not apparent until revealed during a visit to the eye doctor. Even a slight change in prescription can make a significant difference in visual acuity. Vision changes can also be caused by cataracts, which affect 1 in 6 Americans over the age of 40. Your eye doctor can diagnose a developing cataract at your comprehensive eye exam and discuss the benefits of cataract surgery.

Comprehensive eye exams not only evaluate visual sharpness, they are also important to overall eye health. In the early stages of development, many eye diseases like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy do not show symptoms. Routine comprehensive eye exams are essential for early detection and intervention of eye disease.

Now is the perfect time to begin anew and commit to clear vision. Use our Find a Physician tool to find a licensed ophthalmologist in your area and make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. 2018 is already looking better and brighter!

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