Seniors and Social Media

If you think you are too old to learn to use a computer, think again. Recent surveys reveal that internet usage rates have tripled among seniors in the past decade, and 70 percent of seniors use the Internet every day. It also seems that older Americans are really catching on to the social media craze. One-third of all seniors frequently log into social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the numbers are steadily growing. There are lots of advantages of using the Internet and social media. Whether you use Snapchat or YouTube, being tech savvy can help you stay connected to loved ones and actually enrich your life.

Community Engagement and Belonging

Social media sites like Facebook or special interest groups like Meet Up can help seniors feel like they are part of their community. Instead of feeling isolated at home, you may find that the library is hosting a book discussion or your local hospital is planning a free seminar on eye disease. With so many activities available, you will always have something fun to do!

Family Peace of Mind

Using social media can help seniors and their families keep close bonds, especially when they are separated by long distance. It is very simple to keep tabs on loved ones by checking a status update on Facebook or even by sending a quick text. This helps create peace of mind among all family members.

Online Offers and Discounts

Saving money is a top priority for everyone, regardless of age. Many older Americans, however, are on fixed incomes and need to shop around for the best price. Social media is a great way to find out about discounts on anything from medications to household items. Companies will often use social media to offer discounts or announce specials.

Social media and online networking have endless possibilities, and you’re never too old to join in. If you are not sure how to get started, you can , or ask a younger family member, or contact your local library or community center. Sometimes, they will offer an introductory class to teach the basics of using social media (Source: Senior Care Corner).