Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam to Start 2018 off Right

You may be experiencing a bit of the post-holiday blues. The seasonal events, holiday gatherings, gifts and meals have been exciting, but now that the relatives have gone and the decorations have been put away, you may be wondering what there is to look forward to.

These emotions are understandable, but remember — this can be one of the best times of the whole year! Have you ever wondered why the symbol for the new year is a baby? Time keeps moving forward, so Father Time is depicted as an old man, but every new year is a fresh start and a new beginning — just like a new baby. “Out with the old and in with the new,” they say. Now is the time to start planning and goal-setting for 2018!

Instead of focusing on what you did not accomplish last year, think about what you want to prioritize for next year. What is most important to you? Even though you likely would not come up with “clear vision” as your top goal for 2018 on your own, could you be persuaded to make that your No.1 aspiration? After all, what could be more important than preserving your vision?

A Comprehensive Eye Exam is Your First Simple Step

A comprehensive eye exam takes only an hour of your time, but that hour will have a lasting impact on your eye health. Eye exams evaluate so much more than your visual acuity or the accuracy of your eyeglass prescription. Yearly check-ups help prevent sight-threatening diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, eye cancer or cataracts.

Early detection means early intervention, so visit your eye doctor every year to preserve your vision. Eye exams can also offer a glimpse into your overall health! A thorough eye exam can often detect high blood pressure or even diabetes because of how these conditions affect the blood vessels in the eyes.

Make your No.1 New Year’s Resolution the commitment to healthy vision in 2018. You might even be able to get your eye exam in by the end of the year, so make the call today. If you are not under the care of a qualified eye care professional, use our physician locator tool to find one in your area.

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