Schedule an Eye Exam for Cataract Awareness Month

June is Cataract Awareness Month. This eye disease is the leading cause of vision loss among individuals over the age of 55, but cataracts can begin developing long before that time. You can do your part to tackle this eye disease head-on by making an appointment for an eye exam. Your eye doctor will be able to see the development of a cataract long before you will notice a change in your vision. The good news is that cataracts are treatable with surgery, so you can enjoy clear vision again.

Recently, men and women have been electing to have cataracts removed earlier so they do not have to experience deterioration in their vision. One of the benefits of regular comprehensive eye exams is early detection of cataracts. If your ophthalmologist discovers a cataract developing, he or she can advise you on a timeline as to when to schedule surgery. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours and you may decide when cataract surgery fits best in your schedule.

A comprehensive eye exam provides many more benefits than just cataract detection and intervention. When you have your eyes examined, your doctor evaluates you for:

  • Refractive errors like  nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism
  • Focusing problems like presbyopia, strabismus, amblyopia and binocular vision
  • Eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and  diabetic retinopathy
  • Chronic conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol

As you can see, getting a comprehensive eye exam is like having a mini-physical. You will receive an in-depth analysis of your vision as well as an assessment of your overall health. Celebrate Cataract Awareness Month by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam today.


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