Oculoplastics Can Help Improve Appearance and Vision


Closeup of woman eye with beautiful makeup

Oculoplastics refers to a type of surgery that reconstructs the upper or lower eyelid. Blepharoplasty is one of the most common types of eyelid reconstruction. This surgical procedure helps treat droopy or puffy eyelids that are impairing vision or are simply unsightly. Removing excess tissue or bags from underneath the eyes can give a rested, restored and youthful look to the eyes while improving vision and appearance.

There are other conditions unrelated to drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes that may also require oculoplastics. Other reasons for eyelid repair include eyelid cancer, tearing tissues and eye trauma.

Eyelid cancer

Almost all malignant eyelid cancers are basal cell carcinoma. The appearance of the tumor is usually a small, raised, firm nodule with an open center and covered with tiny blood vessels. Eyelid tumors cannot spread to other parts of the body or to lymph nodes, but they can deteriorate the eyelid and require a great deal of repair and reconstruction.

Issues with tears

The most efficient way to move moisture across the surface of the eye is through tears. Blinking helps tears move over the eye’s exterior and drain into tear ducts. If the eyelids are not in the correct position due to trauma, tumors, and congenital defects, there may be excessive tearing. Eyelid surgery can help restore the shape of the eyelid.


Accidents or trauma can cause damage to the eye and the tissue around the eye. Reconstructive surgery can help cosmetic appearance and vision.

If you need eyelid repair or reconstruction, talk to your doctor about whether oculoplastics is right for you. Surgery can help increase your confidence and may even make your vision clearer.


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