Schedule Your Cataract Surgery or Eye Procedure at an Outpatient Surgery Center



Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are delaying elective surgeries and procedures, but it's important to remember your eye procedure is essential for your vision and health.

COVID-19 Delays Elective Procedures

Was your eye surgery delayed because of the pandemic? With the resurgence of COVID-19, many hospitals are delaying elective eye procedures like cataract surgery and glaucoma procedures.

The term "elective" does not refer to the importance of the procedures. Instead, it distinguishes between surgeries due to emergencies and those you can schedule in advance.

For example, procedures like knee replacements or non-emergency hernia repairs are considered elective because you can schedule them for a future date. Many eye procedures, like cataract surgery, are also considered elective. Although elective, each of these procedures is essential for good health.

Importance of Prompt Eye Procedures

Low vision can prevent you from living an active lifestyle and doing the things you love. A canceled or delayed eye procedure means you may experience:

  • Challenges with reading or driving.
  • Difficulty doing tasks around your home.
  • Increased risk of falls or fractures.

Consider an Ambulatory Surgery Center for Eye Procedures

Although many hospitals have pushed back eye surgeries, you have options. Scheduling your procedure at an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) may be a good choice for several reasons:

  • Outpatient surgery centers dedicate themselves to specific procedures, not emergency or trauma, so your appointment may be less likely to be affected.
  • Because many ASCs are smaller than other health care facilities, they are easily navigable and usually have convenient parking.
  • Your procedure may be more cost-effective at an ASC.

Schedule Your Cataract Surgery Before Your Deductible Resets

Have you met your deductible already? Schedule your procedure before the end of the calendar year to take full advantage of your health plan's benefits. Your deductible will reset in January, so contact your insurance company to verify your status. Cataract surgery is one of the most successful surgeries performed today, and it may be less costly than you think.

Find an Ophthalmologist Near You

When is the last time you made an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam? A board-certified ophthalmologist can give you a full assessment of your vision health and advise you on any necessary eye procedures.

Clear vision is the key to maintaining your active lifestyle. Click here to find an eye doctor near you.