New Sunglass Fashion Trends Can Add Safety and Style This Summer

Summer here I comeWith the approach of summer, you may notice that those solar rays are getting more intense and you’re squinting when you are outside. Instead of searching the glove box of your car or the junk drawer in your kitchen for your old, scratched sunglasses from last season, why not treat yourself to a new, flashy pair of shades?

New York Fashion Week 2016 featured some new trends as well as standard designs for eyewear, proving that sunglasses are still the hottest accessory and an absolute must-have for all months of the year. Let’s consider the many merits of sunglasses:

  • Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which helps prevent eye cancers, skin cancers and eye conditions like cataracts.
  • Covering the delicate skin around your eyes can help prevent sunburn, wrinkles and premature aging to keep you looking more youthful.
  • Sunglasses can add interest and whimsy to any outfit through color, lens shape and frame design.
  • Wearing shades can give ladies a break from wearing eye makeup, which is always good for eye health.
  • It’s always fun to go incognito behind a pair of big frames when you want to people-watch.

So what is in-style this year for sunglasses? A few themes stood out in Fashion Week.

  • Frame Shape—thicker frames and rims are popular this year, with over-sized round lenses or oval lenses with points (giving a “feline” look).
  • Color—go bold this year and choose bright colors that add some pop and pizazz to your outfit. Thick, brilliant white frames are always a dramatic choice.
  • Lenses—lens color will range from yellow to translucent brown to black opaque. Match your preferred lens hue to your favorite color, style and thickness of frame and you are dressed for success(Source: Fashion).

Freshen up your face with a bright new pair of sunglasses this summer. As you shop, don’t forget that the most important purpose of your shades is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Before you purchase those chunky frames that make you feel like a celebrity, make sure that they are clearly marked as providing 100 percent UVA/UVB protection.


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