New IOL Offers Exciting Possibilities

eyewa20differet20type20of20iols.jpgWhen it comes to cataract surgery, you cannot have too many choices. When you elect to have cataract surgery, you have several choices in intraocular lenses (IOL): a monofocal lens (offering clear distance vision), multifocal lens (premium lens that offers close, intermediate and distance vision) or astigmatism correcting lens (offers astigmatism correction and clear distance vision). Although vision generally improves after cataract surgery, you often still need glasses to correct your vision at multiple ranges.

Tecnis Symfony Lens
The Tecnis Symfony Lens is a new and exciting advancement in IOL technology. This cutting-edge intraocular lens allows for a wider range of vision at near, intermediate and distance. It also has other distinct advantages like reducing halos at night and producing less post-operative glare.  Possibly the best feature of the Tecnis Symfony is that it might allow some patients undergoing cataract surgery to reduce or eliminate their need for reading glasses or bifocals.

How it Works
The Tecnis Symfony Lens can be inserted at an outpatient surgery center and only takes about 10 minutes to complete. After the cataract is removed, the Tecnis Symfony Lens is placed within the eye. Most patients do not require stitches and experience a quick recovery time.

Patient Response
During clinical trials, the Tecnis Symfony Lens had low occurrence of nighttime glares and halos. Patients also experienced an extended range of vision for near, intermediate and distance vision. The lens is now FDA-approved to be used in the United States, although Europe and Canada have been using the Tecnis Symfony Lens for a few years. During the FDA studies, 97 percent of patients were satisfied with the device and said they would choose to have it again (Source: PR Web).


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