New Eye Care Technology Offers Exciting Treatment Options

VisionNew technology and innovations are constantly changing the world of eye care. From eye exams to surgical procedures, there always seems to be a new test or instrument to enhance a patient’s vision. If it has been a while since your last comprehensive eye exam, take a look at some of the cutting edge technology available to you the next time you visit your ophthalmologist:

  1. LASIK—Most people have heard of LASIK, but did you know that this procedure actually reshapes the cornea to alter the focusing power of your eye?
  2. Wavefront  analysis—This technology measures how the eye focuses light and creates an eye map so your ophthalmologist can diagnose eye problems and even help determine your eyeglass prescription.
  3. Argon or Diode laser —These lasers are used to treat retinal tears. The laser scars the retina so it bonds to the underlying tissue and prevents further retinal detachment.
  4. Femtosecond  laser—Lasers do not have to be used in cataract surgeries, but the femtosecond laser is incredibly precise, efficient and safe.
  5. iStent,  ExPRESS  shunt, and selective laser  trabeculoplasty—instead of the customary eye drops to help lower intraocular pressure, glaucoma patients now have many innovative procedures available—and several as front-line treatments.

New technology is always exciting, but there is usually an added cost to the latest and greatest procedure. The newest method or the most expensive innovation is not necessarily the best for you, but it is worth having all your options presented. If you have a chronic eye condition, stay in communication with your doctor and ask about some of these new procedures. If it has been too long, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your ophthalmologist and receive all the best that today’s eye care specialists can offer. The best gift of all is the preservation of your vision (Source: Get Healthy).


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