Most contact lens wearers don’t follow safety steps

contact lensA recent survey revealed that only 2 percent of contact lens wearers actually followed most of the recommended steps for good contact care. Less than 1 percent of the wearers followed all the best care practices. This is bad news, considering that this lack of hygiene can lead to serious infection and eye problems.

The most common issue is extended contact lens wear past the recommended usage period. If your eyes are ever suffering from redness, itchiness or just plain discomfort, listen to them! Take your contacts out, change them if needed and give your eyes some time to breathe.

Here are some best practices to avoid infection and keep your eyes healthy:

  • Wash your hands before you ever touch your contacts.
  • Change solution every time you store contact lens in their case and make sure to rub and rinse lenses with solution before storing.
  • Water is not contact lens solution. Take note. Tap water tends to be full of microorganisms that could infect your contacts and, thus, your eyes.
  • Keep your contact case clean. Rinse it and dry it out after every use and replace it every few months.

These simple hygiene tips make all the difference in helping contact lens wearers avoid eye problems. If you have questions about your eye health or any signs of infection, schedule an appointment with your physician today.

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