Are You Making Good Choices for Your Eye Health?

Young sexy female student  in reading glassesGood habits are hard to form, but they are so easy to break. This is especially true when it comes to your eyes. According to 2,143 men and women in the United Kingdom who were polled by, 67 percent admitted that they did not take good care of their eyes. Even worse, 72 percent said they rarely even thought about eye health. Respondents were asked questions about eye health habits, so ask yourself the same questions for a self-assessment of your eye health.

1. Do you sleep in your contact lenses?

Among the participants, 47 percent wore contacts. Over half (51 percent) confessed that they had slept in their contact lenses in the past, but 33 percent said they sleep in their contacts frequently. Sleeping in your contacts is like sleeping with a plastic bag over your head. Putting a contact lens over your eye limits oxygen transmission and can cause the lens to tighten over your eye. When you do not remove the contact at night, the taut lens can cause microscopic tears in the cornea and result in a potentially vision threatening infection (Source: Huffington Post).

2. Ladies, are you forgetting to remove your makeup at night?

About 78 percent of women said that they regularly forget to remove their eye makeup and 67 percent said they never remove it! Your skin is a porous, living organ that absorbs everything it comes in contact with, including chemicals and toxins. Makeup is comprised of hundreds of chemicals, oils and fragrances that can be harmful to your skin and your eyes. Remove your makeup (especially your eye makeup) every night to prevent clogged pores and eye infection.

3. Are you wearing UVA/UVB protective sunglasses? 

Among the participants, 77 percent said they were not wearing sunglasses regularly. Reasons for not wearing sunglasses were that they did not like their sunglasses, they forgot to wear them, or they did not think wearing sunglasses was very important. Wearing sunglasses should be a part of your daily routine whether it is a sunny day or overcast. Ultraviolet radiation can penetrate through clouds and cause the same skin damage, premature aging, wrinkles, and cataracts as it can on the hottest of summer days. Whenever you step outside, wear sunglasses that offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection.

How did you measure up on the three-question assessment? It takes discipline to form good habits for healthy eyesight. Caring for contact lenses, removing makeup and wearing sunglasses are not difficult to do, but they take time. Are you willing to dedicate five extra minutes each day to form healthy habits that offer a lifetime of benefits? We all know how easy it is to waste five minutes on Facebook or flipping through channels, so put those five minutes to good use as you wind down your day. Remove and clean your contacts daily, cleanse your face, and put your sunglasses in a prominent place each night so you can find them in the morning. Taking care of your eyes is a decision that you will never regret (Source: Female First).


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