LASIK Eye Surgery: You May Be a Candidate

Woman during lasik eye surgeryLASIK surgery is the most common refractive surgery in the U.S. because of its ability to achieve 20/25 vision or better in most patients.

What is Refractive Surgery?

Refractive surgery is a procedure that corrects refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (blurred near vision) to reduce your need for prescription lenses.

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, a specific type of refractive surgery that utilizes a specialized laser to alter the shape of your cornea. Reshaping the cornea bends light rays correctly on to the retinal surface for clear vision.

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Some health conditions may disqualify you from LASIK. If you have an eye disease like glaucoma, keratitis, keratoconus, or chronic dry eye, your surgeon may advise you against refractive surgery. Autoimmune disorders, pregnancy or certain medications might also affect your eligibility.

What Can I Reasonably Expect From LASIK?

Your surgeon cannot guarantee specific results, but a review of the literature shows approximately 90% of patients who have had LASIK see 20/20 or better. The patients who seem to have the most success with LASIK are those who have low-grade nearsightedness. Patients who exhibit high-grade nearsightedness or farsightedness tend to have less predictable outcomes.

It is important to understand that your results may be different from friends or family members who also had refractive surgery.  Sometimes LASIK surgery undercorrects the refractive error and a patient may require a second, touch-up procedure. In other situations, the refractive error returns and vision slowly reverts to what it was before the surgery.

Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam

If you would like to be less dependent on glasses or contacts, call your eye doctor and schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Your ophthalmologist will perform several tests and evaluations during your appointment to evaluate whether you are a candidate for LASIK. Our board-certified ophthalmologists are currently receiving new patients and look forward to serving you. Click here to get a list of eye specialists in your area.

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