Help Your Parent Make Decisions About Cataract Surgery

Family Cycling Through A ParkOn July 28, America will celebrate one of its newest holidays: Parents’ Day. Less than a decade ago, President Clinton established Parents’ Day to support parents in the role of rearing children. Parenting is one of life’s greatest challenges and blessings. Often, it takes becoming a parent to fully realize the sacrifice of love that our parents made to raise us. Most of us would agree that nurturing, educating, training and molding children is the hardest and most rewarding job that exists.

As our parents age, Parents’ Day can be an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for our parents and all they have done for us. We can help our parents by accompanying them to medical appointments and helping them make decisions about health care. Eyesight is often a condition that requires more treatment and care as our parents get older, and many parents will be faced with cataract surgery. With so many options for cataract surgery, parents may feel more secure in having you accompany them to the appointment as a caregiver.

As a caregiver, you can offer to take notes during the appointment. Listen to the questions your parent is asking and write down the doctor’s response. Pay special attention when there are choices to be made about:

  1. Location—Your parent can choose to have cataract surgery at a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). An ASC will often be a more cost-effective choice.
  2. Type of lens—Your parent may have the option of different intraocular lenses (IOLs): traditional IOLs, toric IOLs and multifocal and accommodating IOLs.
  3. Cost—Each test, surgical procedure and lens is priced differently, so ask questions about insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs before making final decisions. You may want to make some calls to your parents’ insurance company or Medicare to find out what is covered.  Keep in mind that Medicare will only cover the cost of a standard monofocal lens.

Your willingness to be part of the decision-making process can help your parent feel secure in making the right choice. Sight is one of the most precious gifts that we have, so help your parents preserve their vision by contacting a center near you.


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