Give the Gift of Eye Health This Father’s Day

He has given you so much over the years. He worked long hours, attended your programs, coached your teams, helped you make decisions, and provided a listening ear. There’s no one who can take his place in your life. The word “Dad” means stability, strength and care.

It’s so hard to find the appropriate gift that truly expresses your feelings for the man who has always been there there for you. What restaurant, event or present can represent your gratitude? There is probably nothing that your father values more than the joy of seeing your face, and there is one gift that can help ensure that he can see you and his loved ones clearly: a comprehensive eye exam.

At first consideration, this idea may seem uncreative, cheap or boring. However, just consider the alternative. Not placing importance on eye health could mean sacrificing clear vision, which can sometimes be irreversible. A one-hour exam is sufficient to asses visual acuity and refractive errors, as well as diagnose conditions such as:

Keeping Dad’s eyes healthy and disease-free is just about the best gift that you can give him, besides a big hug and a “thank you.” Do you want to know how you can make Father’s Day even more special? Schedule your own comprehensive eye exam on the same day so you can get in on all the benefits of clear vision too! You and Dad can both pick out a new pair of trendy frames after your eye exam and walk out of the office looking and feeling fantastic. It might just become an annual tradition, and there’s nothing wrong with making eye health a yearly habit!


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