Eye-Friendly Technology for Mom this Mother’s Day

*Sm Mother's Day TechnologyIt’s time to start thinking about Mother’s Day gifts for Mom, so keep her eye health in mind as you shop this year. You may be noticing your Mom struggling to read print on labels and signs. Fonts in books, magazines and newspapers that used to be legible are now more challenging to decipher. Unfortunately, this is a normal consequence of aging. The flexible lens of the eye loses elasticity over time, and degenerative eye diseases like cataracts can begin to develop.

Thanks to technology, there are many devices and apps that can be extremely helpful to Mom as she experiences changes in her eyesight. She is probably not up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends, so this is where you can step in and introduce her to some eye-friendly technology this Mother’s Day:

  1. Kindle, Nook or e-reader. Most moms love to read, and your Mom is probably no exception. Sometimes, those large-print books can be cumbersome and heavy, so why not buy her an e-reader this Mother’s Day? With features like lightweight design, full color, anti-glare screens, and adjustable font, she will be able to read all of her favorite books with comfort and convenience.
  2. Tablet or iPad. Tablets are a multi-use technological tool that can allow Mom to do many of her favorite tasks on one device. Most moms love to take photos of their family members. Camera viewing screens can often be too tiny, but a tablet will allow Mom to snap, view and edit photos on a larger screen. Tablets also allow Mom to choose countless apps that can help her to do daily tasks like grocery shopping, taking her pills on time, drinking enough water, and tracking her calories. The ability to enlarge text or change font will prevent her eyes from getting fatigued.
  3. Smartphone. Mom may need a new smartphone this Mother’s Day with a larger screen for easier viewing. Older phones have lower resolution and smaller buttons, which can be frustrating. Take Mom with you when you go smartphone shopping, and have her hold the phone in her hand, view the size of the screen and use the keypad. She’ll be sure to love her new phone if she can see the screen clearly and use all the features (Source: A Place for Mom).
  4. GPS. Many cars are equipped with navigation systems nowadays, but research states that individuals over the age of 65 are more prone to visual distraction than audio distraction. Older drivers make fewer driving errors when they are looking at the road ahead and listening to vocal instructions rather than deciphering a video display. You may want to consider disabling the video in Mom’s GPS or setting the video to the simplest mode. If you are considering a portable GPS as a gift, remember that “less is more.” Fewer video features and enhanced audio features will keep her safer on the road (Source: Next Avenue).

Let your Mom know that her eye health is important to you this Mother’s Day. Take her to get a comprehensive eye exam, and then ask her to help you decide the perfect gift that will help make her hobbies and daily tasks easier. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and her vision will reap the benefits all year long!


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