Earlier Cataract Surgery Means More Years of Clearer Vision

ysm cataract surgery clearer visionAccording to a study from the Mayo Clinic, more people are electing to have cataract surgery at a younger age. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eye, and this condition affects over 24 million Americans over the age of 40. In 2020, it is expected that 30 million Americans will have some type of age-related cataracts. By the age of 80, close to 70% of Americans have vision-impairing cataracts.

The majority of cataracts are caused by age but there are factors that can accelerate the development of cataracts. Some cataracts are caused by medications such as steroids, while others are caused by illnesses such as diabetes. Many individuals may develop cataracts in their 40s or 50s, so the term age-related cataracts can be misleading. For this reason, there are increasing numbers of middle-aged Americans who are opting to have cataract surgery at a younger age rather than coping with impaired vision.

One group of Americans who is comprising a large percentage of the cataract surgeries performed today is the baby boomers. Many of the baby boomers are still in the workforce and living an active lifestyle. This means driving at night, working in front of computer screens for multiple hours per day and participating in activities that require clear vision. Men and women are electing to have cataract surgery as soon as a cataract is discovered because they depend on their eyesight in both their career and in their home life (Source: Minn Post).

Earlier cataract surgery makes a great deal of sense. After all, why not choose to have cataract surgery as soon as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of seeing clearly right now? There is no reason to delay having good vision. Cataract surgery utilizes the most sophisticated technology, is incredibly common, and most patients resume their normal activities and routine within a day or two.

Having cataract surgery can have other benefits as well. Individuals who choose to have cataract surgery have a decreased risk of hip fracture, and they enjoy improved driving performance. It is a simple fact that better eyesight leads to better quality of life. Men and women who have chosen cataract surgery often wonder why they waited so long to have the procedure done. Often, cataract surgery can provide the best vision that you have ever experienced. If you are a candidate for cataract surgery, contact one of our physicians to find out more about how cataract surgery can restore the clarity and crispness in your vision so that your eyes can keep up with your active lifestyle.


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