How to Choose a Cataract Surgeon for your Loved One

*Sm Cataract SurgeonSurgery is not only stressful for the patient; it is a strain on the entire family. Even outpatient procedures like cataract surgery require time commitment, flexibility and caregiving. If your loved one is going to invest time and resources into having a procedure to improve vision, you want to make sure that the surgery will be successful.

A successful cataract surgery begins with choosing a qualified surgeon. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the possible doctors and practices. A good place to start is to use our Physician Locator Tool. In a matter of seconds, you have access to a list of qualified eye care specialists at your fingertips. All it takes is entering your loved one’s zip code!

The next step is to call your loved one’s insurance company to verify which doctors and facilities are in-network and will accept his or her health care benefits. After you determine which doctors and facilities are available, find an experienced eye surgeon. A more experienced surgeon who performs cataract surgery regularly is the best option compared to an ophthalmologist who does not do surgery as often.

When you select a cataract surgeon, you will first schedule a consultation (Source: All About Vision). To help direct your conversation at the consultation, you may want to ask questions such as:

  • How many procedures have you done?
  • Has your surgical center ever had an outbreak of eye infections affecting multiple patients? If so, how many times?
  • Who sees patients on the first postoperative day? Is it the surgeon, another ophthalmologist or an optometrist?

Scheduling a consultation does not mean you are committing to using that surgeon. If you are not satisfied, keep looking! When you do find the cataract surgeon with whom you and your loved one are comfortable and confident, you can schedule your procedure and rest easy knowing that you made an informed decision. Your surgeon will provide you with literature regarding the procedure, potential complications and a checklist to help you prepare for surgery. Get the ball rolling today and use our physician locator tool.


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