Changing Vision, Untreated, Could Speed The Body’s Aging Process

aging eyesScientists have an ongoing investigation about the causes of aging, but could it be right in front of their eyes? New research says it’s a likely, yet undiscovered, possibility.

Conditions such as insomnia, depression and slow reaction time can be the result of factors ranging from poor lifestyle choices to disease and chronic illness, new research suggests that diminishing eyesight may also be to blame. The aging eye allows less sunlight to enter the lens, which prevents it from reaching the retina and regulating the body’s internal clock. The more this rhythm becomes out of sync, the greater the risk of suffering from conditions later in life.

If you notice a change in vision as you age, make an appointment with your ophthalmologist. An eye exam will allow your doctor to see how aging impacts your eyesight, and what you can do to easily and effectively manage the process.

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