Latest Technology to Treat Cataracts


Although cataract surgery has been around for many years, the last half-century has seen remarkable improvements in the procedure.


Intraocular Lens (IOLs)

Since the intraocular lens was introduced in the 1940s, the designs, materials and implantation have evolved rapidly, making IOL a safe and practical way to restore normal vision at the time of surgery. Many people who have been dependent on glasses or contact lenses for years find they can eliminate or reduce their use of glasses with the new technology IOLs.

What is an IOL?

Micro-Incision Surgery

Cataract surgery has evolved over the past 25 years to become minimally invasive and provide much better results. The recent development of phacoemulsification surgery allows cataract removal to be done through a tiny self-healing incision. Then high-frequency ultrasound gently breaks up the cataract. Since this surgery is less invasive, patients heal quickly and can quickly resume their normal activities, with improved vision!

LASER-Assisted Cataract Surgery

In 2011, the FDA approved a laser system for performing cataract surgery. Laser-assisted cataract surgery trades in the handheld blade for computer-assisted laser precision. By using individual eye calibrations and advanced mapping of your specific eye data, this laser technology assists surgeons in providing the best possible restoration of your vision.