Cataract Symptoms

Are you experiencing cloudy or yellowed or faded vision? Maybe you see “halos” around objects at night or double vision? You could be one of the millions of Americans who have cataracts. Your symptoms may not be all that bad at first—in fact you may have cataracts and not even notice the symptoms. But when left untreated, cataracts can interfere with your independence. You’re not able to experience all of life’s moments clearly. Watch the cataract story below, and if you can relate, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

What are Cataract Symptoms?

People with cataracts usually do not experience symptoms like pain or discomfort in the eye until the cataract is more advanced. Your eye will also appear normal to others, until the cataract reaches an advanced state.

Whenever you experience problems with your vision, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your eye care professional. During the eye exam, your doctor will perform tests to determine if you have a cataract. If a cataract is present, he or she will review your options with you and help you decide if surgery is the next step. Learn more »