Cataract Treatment: First Steps

cataracts surgeryYou’ve been diagnosed with cataracts. So what’s next? The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. However, if your cataracts are still in early development, you may be able to temporarily manage them with tactics like stronger eyeglasses.

Cataracts progress at different rates, but surgery is rarely needed right away. You should take ample time to consult with your ophthalmologist to discuss your specific case and needs.

If a cataract is responsible for a vision score of 20/40 or worse and is not helped by glasses, the patient may need to consider surgery. Surgery may also be the next step if a patient is in danger of injury or is unable to perform day-to-day duties due to a cataract. If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts or are experiencing symptoms, request an appointment with your ophthalmologist to discuss next steps.

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