Cataract Surgeons Embracing Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Appreciating her help with his eye careOne efficient, safe surgery can cure the most common cause of blindness as well as treat another common cause of blindness. Research will continue as new methods are improved upon, with the hopes that blindness can be eliminated one case at a time (Source: Miami Herald).

To learn more about cataracts and glaucoma and their associated treatments, please read more within Your Sight Matters. Talk to your eye doctor about a treatment plan that will preserve your vision, and stay current with comprehensive eye exams. Nothing is more important than your eyesight, so treat it with care.

One of the greatest benefits of MIGS is that it is less expensive than glaucoma medications. Eye drops to control intraocular pressure have been the traditional treatment for glaucoma, but daily drops over the course of a lifetime are expensive for the insured and the insurer. A surgical procedure that has the potential of reducing or eliminatingeliminating the need for eye drops is much more cost-effective and efficient. There are other disadvantages of eye drops as well. Studies show that many glaucoma patients are inconsistent in their use of eye drops, and further eye damage can occur when drops are not used as directed. Vision loss is often the result, which leads to more extensive treatments and higher cost.

One challenge to implementing MIGS is the learning curve for cataract surgeons. Devices like the iStent are shortening the learning curve, and results have been very positive. With the success of these emerging treatments, traditional glaucoma procedures like trabeculectomy can be reserved for the most advanced cases (Source: Healio).

Talk to your eye doctor about the benefits of MIGS in conjunction with cataract surgery. Clear vision and the elimination of daily eye drops sounds quite appealing, does it not?


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