Can Caffeine Help Dry Eye?

caffeine startCould your morning cup of joe have healing powers on your eyes? A recent study shows a boost in tear production with caffeine, making it a possible treatment for dry eye.

The study was small and only tested 78 people with normal tear production, so there is still more research to be done. However, the results are significant enough to spur a deeper look into the positive effects of caffeine.

The results of the study showed everyone having more tears after taking a caffeine capsule versus a placebo, which caused no increase.

Researchers also discovered people with certain genetic variations had more tears in response to caffeine. They also knew caffeine was likely to affect tear glands, as it’s already known to increase saliva and other glandular secretions.

However, when caffeine is not consumed in moderation, it can cause anxiety, headaches and other unhealthy symptoms. Researchers have not yet been able to explain how caffeine boosts tear production, so it is still too early to be diagnosed as treatment. If you’re experiencing the discomfort of dry eyes, schedule an appointment with your physician today.

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