App for Glaucoma Patients Gives Reminders for Eye Drops

multiwa20ortho20app.jpgIf you have a loved one with glaucoma, you may be all too aware of the necessity to administer eye drops as directed. Keeping eye pressure in a safe range is essential to preserving vision. This month is National Caregivers Month, and there is some recent technology that might make a caregiver’s job much easier when caring for a glaucoma patient. The September issue of the Journal of Glaucoma reported the results of a survey that gathered interest among glaucoma patients and their caregivers for an app on their smartphone or tablet called the Glaucoma App.

This free app was developed by Wills Eye Glaucoma Research Center and Drexel University. It has many helpful features such as:

  • Educational videos
  • Eye drop reminders
  • Appointment reminders
  • Medical and ocular data storage
  • Visual field tutorial
  • Intraocular pressure tracker

The Glaucoma App’s goal is to” increase patients’ knowledge about glaucoma and improve their compliance with respect to their eye drop regimen and follow-up appointments.” The survey found that glaucoma patients were more likely to download the app if it remains a free app, compared to a version that costs $3 (Source: Eye Doc News).

Talk to your ophthalmologist about what apps and resources can help you remember your medication and help you learn more about glaucoma. There is always new research in the field of glaucoma, so stay up-to-date and informed. If you are looking for a qualified eye care professional in your area, please use our Physician Locator tool.


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