A New Era of Healthcare

Can you believe how the accessibility of healthcare information has changed in the past decade? When you visit your eye doctor, your files are stored in a laptop instead of an overstuffed manila folder. Lab results are available online with your username and password. You now get a text or email to remind you of an upcoming appointment. Electronic records, patient portals and the ability to schedule and change appointments online have taken medicine into the virtual world.

There are many specific advantages of improved technology in healthcare, but here are three distinct categorical benefits:

Better and More Accessible Treatment
Improved technology means more accessibility of treatment and personal choice. You can research eye care professionals in your area and select your doctor based on your specific criteria. Your ability to explore options makes healthcare more driven and effective, and medical professionals are held to even higher standards of excellence.

Improved Care and Efficiency
Patient care is more reliable when using patient portals. Medical professionals are now using hand-held computers to record real-time patient data and updating medical history. Having one central location to record vital signs and enter lab results is more efficient for both doctors and patients.

Usable Data Helps Control Disease
Data collection is much more efficient and accessible for scientists who are studying medical trends and disease. Medical breakthroughs can happen much more rapidly with vast online resources that exist today (Source: UIC).

Talk to your eye care professional at your next comprehensive eye exam and find out how you can use technology to be a more active participant in your own healthcare. You may find that you enjoy the ease, convenience and efficiency of medicine in the digital age.