5 Ways to Prevent Poor Eyesight from Interfering with Thanksgiving Dinner

Vision challenges can be especially difficult during the holidays. If your eyesight is affected by a chronic condition such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, you may be concerned that your eye disease will prevent you from fully participating in Thanksgiving. This is understandable, but with some pre-planning, you can enjoy Turkey Day as much as ever with these five helpful tips:

Get a comprehensive eye exam before the holiday

To make sure that your vision is in tip-top shape, schedule a comprehensive eye exam right before Thanksgiving. You will have updated prescriptions and medication, and you will enjoy knowing that your eyesight is as crisp and sharp as possible.

Enlarge the font of recipes

Whether you are making cornbread stuffing or pumpkin pie, you want your Thanksgiving dishes to turn out perfectly. If eye disease is making it difficult to decipher the handwriting on a recipe card or the small font of a printed recipe, do not despair. Try using a magnifying glass to make the recipe more readable. If your recipe is saved on a computer or you are printing it from a website, enlarge the font to a size that you can easily read. Readable recipes will help ensure that your ingredients, measurements and cooking times are precise.

Get a ride to the feast

Thanksgiving is all about being together, which means that some family members will need to travel. If you need to travel by car this year, you may feel uneasy about your ability to drive. Night driving can be particularly dangerous for people who suffer from eye disease, so it may not be safe for you to drive if you are planning to return home in the evening. November is National Family Caregivers Month, so feel confident asking one of your family members to help provide transportation.

Request preferential seating

Thanksgiving traditions often include watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade or football games. You’ll be able to see the parade floats and quarterback sneaks a whole lot easier if you sit closer to the television. Designate a seat for yourself so you can see what is going on and engage in conversation with everyone around you.

Ask for assistance

Whether you are the host or a guest for Thanksgiving dinner, you will probably need to ask for help. Do not be concerned about being a bother. Your eye condition might just require you to slow down a little bit. Communicating beforehand with your family members is the best way to get their support. After all, they won’t be aware of all the ways they can help unless you ask.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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